Fine Dining Restaurant Business Plan

Whether your dream is to open a traditional American diner, a New York-style pizzeria, a Chinese buffet, a deli for busy lunch-goers or a local coffeehouse/hang-out spot, start your business research here.

No single food-service operation has universal appeal.

Restaurant patrons want to be delighted with their dining experience, but they don't necessarily want to be surprised.

If you're anticipating a family-style steakhouse (based on the name or the décor of the establishment), but you find yourself in a more formal environment with a bewildering--and pricey--gourmet menu, the surprise may keep you from enjoying the restaurant.

Though the future looks bright for the food-service industry overall, there are no guarantees in this business.

Even the most successful operators will tell you this isn't a "get rich quick" industry.

Then, once you have decided what business best suits you, you must figure out the niche you'll occupy in the marketplace.

For example, are you an early riser, or do you prefer to stay up late and sleep late?

These establishments offer limited menus of items that are prepared quickly and sold for a relatively low price.

In addition to very casual dining areas, they typically offer drive-thru windows and take-out service.


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