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The provisions of the Federal Emergency Relief Act of 1933 provided that authorization for FERA would expire in two years from the date of inception.The most pressing problem for FERA at first was to build up adequate local relief organizations.Impressed, Perkins agreed to take the proposal to Roosevelt, who quickly agreed to the plan.

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Few of the existing state relief agencies had been in existence for more than 7 or 8 months at the time of creation of FERA.

Those state relief agencies that were deemed to be inadequate or flawed in some way had to be overhauled to meet the requirements of FERA.

Other projects in Washington were of an agricultural nature.

Among these were a rural electric survey of the state, research on the development of new fruit by-products, research to determine the vitamin C content in Washington apples, a survey of part-time farming, and research on the use of by-products of the fishing industry as feed for the poultry industry.

The Washington Emergency Relief Administration (WERA) supervised numerous construction and repair projects in the state.

In Seattle, it built the Montlake playfield field house and the Montlake Community Clubhouse, which has since acquired the name "Tudor Building," after its architecture.

The economic collapse of 1929 known as the Great Depression caused widespread hardship throughout the United States.

When President Franklin Roosevelt took office in January 1933, 15 million Americans were unemployed.

96) In a report to Congress in 1936, FERA indicated that while actual physical suffering was prevented, it was never fully possible to achieve living standards of minimum decency for the entire population in need of relief.

It has been estimated that during this period of relief, roughly three-fourths of the heads of families on relief were employable.


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