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secret) “pouch.” While agreeing that Churchill might keep in touch, Chamberlain himself did not open a correspondence.His own relationship with FDR was ambiguous, having bottomed in early 1938, when Roosevelt had offered to mediate a European settlement and was pointedly rejected.That all changed when, on 22 June 1941, Hitler broke the Nazi-Soviet pact and attacked Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa).

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Moreover, they recognized that victory would make the Soviet Union a major player in the postwar world.The Second World War was the A unique feature of that war was the first significant historical connection between a British prime minister and an American president.The Great Depression, and Roosevelt’s response to it, fixed his place in history.Speaking of their relationship after the war he said: “No lover ever studied every whim of his mistress as I did those of President Roosevelt.” While Roosevelt condemned Hitler’s excesses, entering what seemed to Americans to be just another European conflict was not on the table.By autumn 1941, after his hopeful meeting with FDR in Newfoundland in August, Churchill’s deepest fear was that the Americans would not come to Britain’s aid in time to avert Britain’s slow strangulation, what with Hitler’s U-boats taking a deadly toll on British shipping, and the Wehrmacht rolling back Soviet forces in Russia.Even Lend-Lease (March 1941) was, initially, as much about U. industrial and military rearming as it was about helping Britain fight the war.It would be at least a year before Lend-Lease aid showed up in large amounts.In hindsight, it is clear that Britain and its Dominions survived the first eighteen months of the war largely alone, Canada, New Zealand and Australia contributing more than their share.What the United States contributed, at Roosevelt’s behest, was hope—the possibility that the Americans would one day enter full-fledged and turn the tide.As he put it in his very first message to FDR as prime minister: “I trust you realize that the voice and force of the United States may count for nothing if they are withheld too long.” His words, private and public, and his actions, demonstrated persistent reluctance to become a belligerent, particularly with ground forces in Europe.For all of 1940 and into 1941, he seems to have thought (defensively and wishfully) that Germany could be contained within Europe, and that American involvement could be limited to naval and air actions—all done without declaring war.


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