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The second is a modern version of a fine wool coat Men’s fashion has not undergone a lot of change since the late nineteenth century.There has been a change in the style of men’s fashion.The essay is divided into four parts based on the following time-period – 1800-30, 1831-65, 1870-1900, and 1901-19.

Hence, while a dress is to be worn for a special occasion, dresses are made keeping the basic idea of the crinoline on mind and provide a flared skirt that would enhance the thinness of the waist.

Figure 4: A fine wool morning coat form 1870-5 (Victoria and Albert Museum).

For instance, the flesh colored stockings and pantaloons that were worn under the dresses.

These were used in the same way in 1800s as women today use flesh tones bra or briefs.

The waist of women was an element of beauty, and the thinner the waists, the more beautiful they looked.

The emphasis o n the hourglass shaped body was emphasized by the use of corsets and crinolines that helped in creating a small waistline and a wife bust and hip.It was during this period that first high-waited style entered the vintage fashion, with the use of girdle used for the first time right under the bust line to show greater flow of the skirt.The underwear that is today used is a remembrance of the style that evolved in the early nineteenth century.The main importance of stockings even today remains the same.In the early nineteenth century, the stockings were used for horse-riding fashion for men.The second picture is a silk stocking worn in the 1950s.The style during the early nineteenth century was still formal and was highly influenced by the French fashion.The advent of the wide hoop crinoline was significant development for the fashion of women of the era who found a relief in the new invention.This ensured a freedom for them from numerous petticoats they earlier had to wear to give greater flair to the gowns.It was in the end of the sixteenth century that it was transformed into something that women could wear as underwear.However, in the early twentieth century with the rise of the hemlines in dresses, the use of stocking increased again.


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