Famous Essayist And Their Works

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On the cutting edge of today’s Ireland, Gleeson addresses the recent abortion referendum, the pain of being alive, and the joy that comes with living as much as possible.

A title taken from a diary entry by Virginia Woolf, the sentiment passes here to a series of insightful essays and prose poetry about culture and a person’s identity.

These famous American writers started with excelling in essays and poems in school, and through that, they're now renowned essay writers.

Some of the leading publications by prominent American writers are based on personal experiences, fiction, or maybe a short narrative to send a message.

That’s not to say I hated them, but truthfully I didn’t know much about finding good ones or even where to look.

Nonfiction writing falls victim to its own vastness by being hard to index in a bookstore.

focused on modern liberation struggles in the context of history, demanding that her audience build movements and not become complacent.

Renowned across Ireland and now in the UK, Emilie Pine shines a light on what it means to live as a woman.

Irby challenges her readers to open their minds as she chronicles the various messes she encounters.

These chapters are acerbic and raw; the honest burns off the page and the whole things sticks with you for quite a while after it’s finished.


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