Fallacies Of Irrelevant Thesis

It is regrettable that the senator finds it necessary to advocate socialism.Socialism defeats initiative, takes away promised rewards, and leads directly to inefficiency and big government.If the logical structures are not valid, the argument will fail, even if all of the premises are true and correct." (Source: LEO: Logical Fallacies: Irrelevant Connections) For example, "I always feel happy when I eat a green apple but I don't feel that way when I eat a red apple.

If socialized medicine will result in better and lower-cost health care, shouldn't the same logic be applied to automobiles?

Wouldn't nationalization of the auto industry produce better and lower-priced cars and nationalization of auto mechanics and garages produce higher-quality, less expensive repairs?

Writers may be tempted to "generalize their ideas to make a powerful statement.

To construct effective logical arguments, writers must avoid generalizations; once an exception to a generalization is found, the argument that the generalization supports is discredited." (Source: LEO: Logical Fallacies: Generalization) For example, the statement, "everyone I know likes green apples; green apples are tastier than red apples" employs a generalisation in an attempt to prove the argument that green apples taste better than red apples.

It was tried for years in Something is seriously wrong with high school education these days.

After ten years of decline, SAT scores are still extremely low, and high school graduates are practically incapable of reading and writing. Fallacies weaken arguments and in doing so, weaken the overall strength of your paragraph or assignment.There are five common categories of fallacies: Avoid manipulating the emotions of your reader in order to win your argument.(Letter to the editor)The advocates of conservation contend that if we adopt their principles we will be better off than if we did not adopt them.A red herring, besides being a type of pickled fish, is a fallacious argument style in which an irrelevant or false topic is presented in an attempt to divert attention from the original issue, with the intention of "winning" an argument by leading attention away from the original argument and on to another, often unrelated topic.Authors sometimes "present questionable or ambiguous reasons to sustain their arguments.A logical demonstration of a belief, however, must be conclusive and convincing to be effective; any doubtful premises leads the audience to believe that the conclusion is weak." (Source: LEO: Logical Fallacies: Misinformation) For more information and examples of the fallacies within this category, please refer to LEO: Logical Fallacies: Misinformation.These types of fallacies generally happen "when writers do not have strong support for their claims.Distraction is also used if the opposition's view is strong and logical; then, writers have a tendency to attack the context instead of the argument." (Source: LEO: Logical Fallacies: Distraction From The Argument).Quibbling applies almost any time when there's more argument over what someone meant than over whether it's true, except when someone's completely incomprehensible.Logic chopping occurs when often-useful yet time-consuming and often-misunderstood tools of logic (such as converting arguments into syllogisms) are either (a) required of from the speaker, making them waste time rather than make their points, (b) used to disguise the true meaning of a statement, or (c) to turn a simple issue into a complex and difficult philosophical argument.


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