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So we seek for romance in fiction; and grown-up people read novels, and children love to hear fairy-tales.Though we know the novels are fiction, and even children no longer really believe in fairies, we still find pleasure in such tales, because they take us away for a little time from our dull, everyday life.

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Still the most well known transcription of oral folk tales remains "Grimm's Fairy Tales," written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in 1812.

This compilation included stories such as "Rumpelstiltskin,"...

Cinderella, for example, can be found in almost every culture.

One explanation of this states that the first humans created these stories and took them along as they populated the globe.

Some of these stories are not only very old, but are found with slight differences in many different nations and languages; for example, the story of Cinderella and the Glass Slipper, Blue Beard and his Wives, and the Sleeping Beauty.

Scholars think that such stories go back to the time when the Aryans were one united people, before they split up into different nations, some of which occupied Europe, and some went east and settled in Persia and India."Perhaps the first stories grew out of the dreams, wishes, ritual chants, or retellings of the notable exploits of our primitive ancestors. Little is said about the early history of this genre of literature except that these stories only existed in oral form for thousands of years(Hohr 89).Many folklorists are intrigued by the similarities between many of the traditional tales around the world.They have a predictable story structure and happy ending. Historically, these tales were told at adult gatherings after the children had been put to bed and had tragic endings("History" 1).By exploring the history and origin of these tales and explaining the new and modern purpose, we can learn why this type of literature has been long recognized as a favorite.Children’s sense of justice begins at a young age, when they are greatly influenced by their environment.Listening, and interacting with their parental figures changes their perspective on practically everything.Another theory suggests the fundamental psychological similarity of humans for the similarities of their stories.Both theories have merit, and since the answer lies hidden in ancient prehistory, neither theory has prevailed over the other(Essentials 101).Entering the world of literature towards the end of the seventeenth century, fairy tales have long been enjoyed by all for many years.Traditionally, fairy tales are taught as entertaining stories for children.


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