Facts On Homework

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We strongly believe that setting homework for the sake of it doesn’t benefit children or prepare them in a robust way for their next steps.

It can also be a cause of family stress and tension, and potentially even hinder the wellbeing of the student.

These are individual research topics which students investigate over a period of four to six weeks.

Recently students designed, created and built virtual models of their own imaginary planets, following a unit of inquiry that explored the solar system.

Equally, parents are actively encouraged to read with students as much as they can, and for as long as it’s enjoyable.

When reading is not a chore but an enjoyable activity, students’ literacy skills increase.

Arithmetic and literacy skills can also be enhanced at home without endless sums and compulsory reading times.

Parents can help their children practice mathematical skills in everyday scenes; calculating a grocery budget, or measuring furniture on a trip to IKEA.

This kind of homework assumes that every student is the same, that each has the same maturity, concentration and ability level. Children are already at school for some seven hours a day and ‘busy work’ simply eats up their free time, which they could be better spending with their families, or taking part in extra-curricular activities to refresh their minds and bodies.

Younger students especially should be encouraged to use time after school for unstructured play and developing their own creativity.


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