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Write an extended essay on a topic of your choice from the Business and Management syllabus of the IB diploma.Your paper must follow all the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program guidelines.

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So has anyone done their EE on business, or is planning to this year? For me, the reason why I chose to do my EE is Business and Management was because it was the subject which I felt I could write 4000 words on without boring myself to death since I chose a topic which interested me.

But remember that you need to choose a topic which allows for you to collect primary research as well as secondary research so the company/school/charity etc that you choose to do you EE on, you have to know someone in that company etc so that you will be able to collect this primary research.

In my experience too, I'm struggled to write down my business management essays mainly because of the above mentioned fact.

But, i went over the issue easily when i get in touch with the professionals in writing field.

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I'm thinking it's gonna be a bit hard to find info on it.

Do you have any ideas or has anyone done their EE on HR before?

This means that not only would they not like you to have chosen the subject initially, they would definitely hope you chose not to do your EE in this subject. also doing business and M for EE, and my research question is : To what extent did Etisalat Misr utilise the 7 Ps to increase its market share since its launch in 2007? Anyways if anyone could get back to me, that would be great! So I have chosen to do my EE on B&M.I already have a question, but problem is, I dont know how to structure it!!!!!! Cuz apparently I heard you should structure your ee similar to your ia? Look up real research papers and take it from there.

I understand that it differs from case to case, and some universities wouldn't bat an eyelid over it, but I know that some universities, especially higher establishments, would prefer you to have completed a different subject or a different EE. Anyways if anyone could get back to me, that would be great! Key difference between B&M EE and IA is that EE focuses on secondary sources, with primary sources only needed where applicable.


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