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Source: (See this website for examples of each type): Besides teaching students to write informative and explanatory paragraphs and essays for differing purposes, it is important to teach them to organize thier essays so that their points and supporting evidence are clearly presented.

Graphic organizers such as the following can be used Source: Writing Graphic One of the shifts in the Common Core Standards is an emphasis upon providing evidence in all explanatory and informational writing.

S.documents, or texts that provide information about specific cultures and points of view.

Teachers of writing must know how to use and also teach specific strategies for creating informative/explanatory essays.

Additionally, when the mouse pointer passes each of these shaded areas, a tool tip will pop up briefly as you see in the yellow box here: Here are the 17 customizable graphic organizers.

The original completed organizer appears on the left side of each slide, and its customizable version appears on the right.It’s important to look for a graphic organizer that matches your child’s writing assignment. These four organizers are commonly used in grade school, but they can help kids through high school.Each download also comes with an example of what the graphic organizer looks like when it’s filled in.Section 0004 requires those taking the CST to demonstrate a proficiency in writing informational text as well as the pedagogical knowledge necessary to teach students strategies for creating informtive and explanatory texts.The purpose of this kind of writing might be to examine a topic, to convey ideas, concepts, and other information, and to summarize and reflect upon specific texts, such as academic articles, seminal U.This way, if you have a particular book title or a particular main topic that you want to appear in the organizer, you can go right ahead and type it in.Each customizable organizer displays areas shaded in blue--these are the areas that you may type what you wish.The rest of the maps in this section could be used for ANY type of essay.Except for the number of spokes, these concept wheels are identical.Graphic organizers are simple yet powerful tools that can help kids who have trouble with writing. These range from making a persuasive argument to mapping out an engaging story. There are as many different kinds of graphic organizers as there are types of writing.


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