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My immediate response was The public sector offers a wide variety of genuinely challenging and fascinating work.Those in private sector jobs sometimes express concern that they’ll get bored if they switch sectors, but there’s really no reason to be concerned.There’s no doubt in my mind that work in the public sector can be at least as interesting as work in the private sector, if not more so.

To begin with, one’s expected to open with a definition. If we define concepts then we tend to think in solid terms, while concepts are always dynamic and can be differently defined.

I do not want to sound postmodernistic, because I’m not, but I rather believe in outlining concepts than in defining them.

Public sector employees report feeling like the work they’re doing is for the benefit of humankind, not just for commercial profit-making reasons.

We can debate the philosophy behind that, but here’s a story about a procurement director from a hospital that has always stuck with me.

There will always be a demand for skilled employees in government jobs, which is part of the reason the job outlook for public sector jobs is typically so good.

There you have it– 5 reasons why you should consider making the switch from private sector to public sector.Outlining the concepts that we use seems to me to be useful and especially meaningful.Outlining to offer guidance for those who need direction and more insights to open new perspectives. Times which are being dominated by an extensive form of capitalism in favor of a small group in our society.So for some people, even if they think they will return to the private sector later, a few years in a significant public sector job to gain different experience may well be useful.As we said above, the challenges to be faced are considerable, and for instance the stakeholder management issues faced by public sector buyers can be a lot more interesting than those in the private sector – which you can use to impress at interview! It makes sense– businesses in the private sector are always growing, changing, merging, and restructuring.But aspects such as a guaranteed, index-linked pension, still available to some public servants in some countries, has huge value.Not many appreciate quite what that is worth but it can be worth up to 50% of basic salary!While these reasons are a good place to start, there are also plenty of other things to consider when you’re thinking about making the switch to a For example, we haven’t touched on pay and benefits here.Traditionally, the private sector was usually better, and with austerity in southern Europe that may still be true in many countries.I think deep down, we all want to leave our mark somehow.Many people choose to work in public sector because they want to make their world by helping people.


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