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In a self-help book, this would be the “real talk” section.William Mc Bride, philosophy professor at Purdue University, agrees that Sartre’s work is “inspirational” and that there are parallels between the work of the French philosopher and contemporary self-help texts. “That’s what self-help I guess is all about: making oneself.”The similarities between Sartre and self-help not merely coincidental.

The first Existentialist idea is the belief in "existence before essence." This emphasizes the individuality of man, reasoning that every person is unique because of his/her past experiences in life.

This unique view on mankind is reflected in literature in that the authors of the time now dealt with the question "who am I? " The second common theme is that of "reason's impotence in dealing with the depths of human life." Contradicting Plato who separated reason from the rest of the human psyche because of its importance and higher state of existence, this idea unifies all the parts of man, brining"wholeness" and a larger sense of unity to one's life.

The comparison between Sartre and self-help might tarnish his cool-guy public image, but it should also puncture his unnecessarily intimidating reputation.

And perhaps it isn’t surprising that self-help has piggybacked off of some of Sartre’s most groundbreaking ideas.

Bigelow, Gordon E., "A Primer of Existentialism." In his essay "A Primer of Existentialism," Gordon Bigelow acknowledges the impact of this "ism" on literature, art, philosophy, theology and social science.

Furthermore, he goes on to state the six major themes common in Existentialism, exploring each in great detail.

Not only is Sartre the original self-help writer, but also the best.

His ideas aren’t simply inspirational catchphrases, but fit into a coherent and compelling view of humanity.

Self-help, after all, aims to show readers how humans must take control of their destiny to live well.

Sartre makes clear that we cannot avoid responsibility for our destiny.


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