Example Of Marketing Plan For Small Business

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Does your ideal customer spend a lot of time on social media? Are there particular events or activities which are a big draw?Once you know where your target market can be found, you can brainstorm the most effective ways of reaching them.

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This section is all about execution, evaluation and correcting course.This is the first thing someone sees when they read your marketing plan but it is the last thing you write. Once you have a basic overview of your current market situation, it's time to take a closer look at your market environment. First, identify those trends that might present you with challenges. There will also likely be market trends that provide you with opportunities or benefit you in some other way.The Executive Summary outlines all the major points of the plan itself, so anyone in management can pick up the plan and get an idea about your vision. Identify these trends and describe the positive impact they could have on your business and how you can take advantage of them.You want to address how you'll implement your strategies and achieve your objectives by breaking things down into action steps or smaller goals.You already did a bit of this when you considered the implementation methods you would use for each marketing strategy.Look at recent financial reports, current and past sales numbers and your product and services list.You'll also want to gather together information about your target market.In marketing parlance, marketing strategies fall within what's known as the four Ps: product, price, place (distribution) and promotion.For a typical small business, promotion will form the bulk of your strategy.There are a lot of strategies out there (far more than can be covered here).No matter which approach you take, it must push your objectives forward and – ultimately – drive revenue.


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