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Academically, socially and emotionally, twins offer each other support which builds their relationship and creates trust between them.In contrast, the teenage years offer more insight into the disadvantages of being a twin.Furthermore, at an early age, twins need each other because they give each other a sense of support and security.

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Therefore, there are many benefits of being a twin.

Having a twin is like having your soul mate with you right from birth.

For children, having a twin means to have a reliable friend throughout their whole lives, a mate for sharing numerous jokes and playing games, or an invaluable assistant who would always come to help in the time of need.

However, having a twin doesn’t lose its advantages even in the adult age.

Twins, especially identical ones, reflect each other’s images.

In childhood, twins give each other a sense of security.

She said, “On the days when I am busy I know that Lucas will cover my back and get all the bottles at night (Arnold, 2011, para. It is important to note that ‘perfect’ relationships are not always present and cannot be achieved between twins effortlessly.

A lot depends on their environment, upbringing and genes.

This type of assistance depends on how close the twins are and if they have the same skills.

For example, one twin said her sibling is like a partner who completes what needs to be done when she cannot.


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