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[tags: Clinical Practice Guidelines] - The role of theory in clinical nursing practice is to guide assessment, interventions, and evaluation of nursing care.Theory in nursing practice provides a rationale for collecting reliable and valid data about the health status of clients, which are essential for effective decision making and implementation.However, CVC use is associated with an increased risk for hospital-acquired infections (Mc Laws, Gold, King, Irwig, & Berry, 1988), with those in situ for more than six days contributing to increased infection rates compared to those in place for five days or less (Mc Laws & Taylor, 2003)....

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[tags: nursing, healthcare professionals] - I found my last two clinical practice days to be both a great learning opportunity, and a realization that I have to reshape my goals and explore why I am so challenged to working in a linear fashion and better manage my time.

By improving on this, I will make less mistakes, document at the right time and facilitate nursing interventions such as medication administration, timely pre and prost medication assessments and client teaching opportunities and healing initiatives.

In addition, you investigate whether or not a health care practice with which you are familiar is grounded in evidence-based practice.

To prepare: ASSIGNMEN: WRITE a description of the health care practice you selected.

- Central Line Clinical Practice Guideline & Rational Central venous catheters (CVCs) are frequently used in intensive care units (ICUs) for a number of reasons (measure central venous pressure, when peripheral veins are unable to be accessed, administration of medications/therapies and aspiration of blood samples) (Conroy, 2006, p. Patients in this environment already have an increased risk of infection because of their treatments.

Patient treatments commonly involve invasive devices or interventions (major surgery), antibiotic therapy (raises the risk of bacterial resistance) while steroid, chemotherapy and radiation therapy all suppress the immune system (Hatler, Hebden, Kaler, & Zack,...

As the nurse inputs patient information into the CDS system, evidence-based content is provided back to the nurse.

The nurse can then combine this content with their own nursing knowledge to diagnose and treat the patient.

The purpose of the clinical practice guidelines is to assist facilities to put in place processes of care that are evidence based and design to achieve maximum functionality and independence and improve patient/family quality of l...

[tags: Health care, Health care provider] - In the perspective of cultural safety, culture is broadly defined to include ethnicity, customs, tradition, beliefs and values as well as socioeconomic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious and spiritual beliefs, ethnic/immigration status, values and disabilities (NCNZ, 2011).


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