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Introduction Compare the theme of religion in "Everyman" and "Morality Play"?The morality play was popular in England from 1400 to 1600.Another fifteenth century play on this subject, The Dance of Death, shows Death coming to persons from all walks of life, from emperors and popes to clerks and plowmen.

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For example in "Everyman" all the characters have been personified as "Good Deeds" and "Kindred".

This description although somewhat accurate is not the whole truth as some characters are personified abstractions but others are generalised types, while others act in propria persona.

Furthermore we see that both the play and novel although written in different periods share the themes death, religion, corruption and sin.

The way these themes are portrayed is also very similar, death is portrayed through the journey they both undertake and corruption is symbolised in both protagonists at the start of their journeys as both have lived sinful lives.

From this quote it is revealed that a death will also carry the plotline for this novel.

Furthermore from the stage directions at the start of "Everyman" an image of Good Deeds being near to death is portrayed "Good Deeds flattered and weak on the ground.......mutilated books of Everyman's deeds".

Characters: Everyman, God, Death, and allegorical representations of the worldly things and spiritual attributes which will affect his salvation.

Plot Summary: After being summoned by Death to the court of his lord to make an accounting for the life which was lent him, Everyman seeks counsel and companionship for the dangerous journey.

If the latter is true, click here for some basic advice about how to read plays.

Click here for help understanding how this dramatic tradition relates to (or is opposed to! Form: rhyming verse in irregular meter and rhyme scheme, but tending toward rhyming couplets in four- or five-stress lines that often would be, if smoothed out by an editor, passable iambic tetrameter and iambic pentameter.


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