Ethics Essay Rubric

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Creating your own rubric is connected to learning how to analyze, interpret and evaluate messages that are conveyed in a variety of communication contexts: written, oral and visual. Create a rubric that works well for this assignment on writing a whitepaper - download the Word doc for the assignment available on the University of Kentucky's WRD website:

Here are the categories that you should use for your rubric: thesis, content, organization, mechanics and diction, documentation and sources.

Practice on a sample of a draft of a college student’s response to an assignment to write a 500 word narrative essay.

The assignment included these directions: The essay will show one aspect of your ethics or belief system.

What are the characteristics for each of the dimensions associated with those categories? “Rubric Examples.” California State University Bakersfield.

For example if you had only 3 dimensions, how would you describe an “excellent” thesis – as opposed to an “average” one or a “poor” one?

Rubrics contain four essential features (Stevens & Levi, 2013): A description of performance quality give students a clear idea about what must be done to demonstrate a certain level of mastery, understanding, or proficiency (i.e., "excellent" does xyz, "fair" does only xy or yz, "poor" does only x or y or z).

Rubrics can be used for any assignment in a course, or for any way in which you ask students to demonstrate what they've learned.

First of all, explain what rubric categories the essay satisfies and then, secondly, the categories that don’t seem to be addressed.

It helps you be more clear in your own thinking to write with specifics about what you don't understand in the essay or what you suggest for revision -- what is the main point, what's missing, what needs more, what can be cut -- and why.


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