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The Enlightenment view is one which tends to forget that people (both social workers and their clients) are individuals and so there is not one size that fits all, rather each situation has to be responded to in a way that best suits the situation and the people involved.Schon (1991) maintains that this knowledge is acquired through process or doing.

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The way in which social workers ‘police’ themselves is to think critically about what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what moral implications this may have.

Certainly social work ethics does not lead me to believe that the social work profession should serve itself, rather the needs of the client should be most important.

I have found that if I try to understand my work from this basis which in the literature, is a human rights perspective, then not only am I being true to the values of social work, but I am being true to my own values.

Cemlyn and Briskman (2003) argue that social workers who base their practice on concepts of human rights and social justice need to be more aware of how the inequalities that they see in society might affect their practice.

This need to think about my values and the values of social work, is making me into what Schon (1991) calls a reflective practitioner.

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Shon’s work demonstrates how important it is for social workers to be reflective, to think about what they are doing and to refine their later actions.Examine your own personal and professional development in relation to the values of social work.Introduction Social workers are usually motivated either by personal experience, something that has happened in their lives, or by a desire to see that people receive the kind of help that they need in times of crisis.This course has helped me to examine my own personal values as they relate to values issues during the course and also how this works out in my professional practice.In some respects values and ethics are interchangeable in this paper, in others values represent the more personal aspect and ethics the wider context.This reflection is extremely important when it comes to values and how values impact on the way you look at the world and relate to other people.This paper will look at my personal and professional development in relation to the values of social work.Once this value is acknowledged and it is accepted that all human beings are valuable then the response has to be the one that best suits the situation and the people involved.I have been brought up to have respect for myself and other people and to tell the truth.There should also be an early establishing of clear relationship boundaries as to great a personal involvement with a client is contrary to what the BASW has to say about social work ethics and values.One of things that I have learned during the course is that in higher education attention always has to be paid to the question of knowledge and what it is that makes knowledge.


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