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Well-designed and well-executed research is necessary to improve the health of children living in poor-quality housing.For some large-scale intervention studies, the approach might include conducting a small pilot study to minimize the potential for unanticipated negative consequences prior to implementation of the full research project.As a result, reviewers have considerable influence over what findings are published, effectively serving as filters of new research.

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Many open access megajournals, such as PLOS ONE and Peer J, are asking reviewers to focus on assessing the quality of the science instead of its potential impact.

This shift may improve the objectivity and diligence of reviewers, encouraging them to concentrate on a more quantitative aspect (validity), rather than on more subjective characteristics (novelty and significance).

At the most basic level, there are observational studies that describe or enumerate specific hazards associated with housing, such as case reports, surveillance by public health agencies, or descriptive studies by researchers.

Some observational studies conduct home walk-throughs, others use existing records, reports, and data or conduct telephone or in-person interviews.

To this end, peer reviewers should adhere to the following guidelines: Regarding the last guideline, some have noted that recommended additions should be directly pertinent, as well as feasible in terms of both cost and time required.

Ultimately, a referee should provide information that allows the editors to confidently make a decision and the authors to truly strengthen their paper.

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Scholarly journals have traditionally used peer review to assess the scientific validity, novelty, and significance of submitted manuscripts.

Making observations in a home can intrude on personal privacy, including the privacy of all persons in the household.

Researchers need to consider, first, whether their research is likely to present inconvenience or harm to potential third parties who are not otherwise involved with the research.


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