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Joan Trumpauer Mulholland was a young white girl from Arlington, Virginia, when she came to realize the hypocrisy of her segregated church in which she learned songs such as “Jesus loves the little children, red and yellow, black and white.” When she left Duke University to join the movement, her mother, who had been raised in Georgia, “thought I had been sort of sucked up into a cult… Many of them went on to great success as lawyers, professors, politicians, and leaders of their own communities and other social justice went against everything she had grown up and believed in. They joined the struggle to not only shape their own futures, but to also open the possibilities of a more just world for the generations that came behind them.

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At its height in the 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement drew children, teenagers, and young adults into a maelstrom of meetings, marches, violence, and in some cases, imprisonment.

Why did so many young people decide to become activists for social justice?

While sitting in the back of church one Sunday, his ears perked up when he heard a man speak about a march for integrated schools.

A math geek, Hrabowski was excited about the possibility of competing academically with white children.

twitter facebook Ordinary People&body="One Big Birthday Present": Judith Guest on Robert Redford's Adaptation of Ordinary People class="wac-social-link email", was published, I got a letter from Robert Redford telling me that he’d received my manuscript from his reader in New York City and wanted to let me know how much he’d enjoyed it.

I was thrilled, but it didn’t occur to me that this meant he was interested in making it into a film, until my publisher called to say there had been three movie offers on it.

I remember so clearly Uncle Archie who was in World War I, went to France, and he always told us, ‘Your generation is going to change things.’” Several activists interviewed for the Civil Rights History Project were in elementary school when they joined the movement.

Freeman Hrabowski was 12 years old when he was inspired to march in the Birmingham Children’s Crusade of 1963.

That’s how I can remember that I was not ten years old.

And I – we were talking about our experiences and our negotiation – and I suggested, made a motion that we would go down to Katz Drug Store and just sit, just sit and sit until they served us.” This protest led to the desegregation of the drug store’s lunch counter in Oklahoma City. How do you negotiate or maneuver around the administration?


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