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Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.

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Western Europe such as Germany and England shows the same trend with a business estimated of $5 billion per year.

The common age group found in gym in the US are 35-54 years with a percentage of 36.5%, 18-34 years with a percentage of 31%, 55 and above years with a percentage of 22.5%, 12-17 years with a percentage of 6% and 6-11 years with a percentage of 4%. Physical activity in gym helps promote physical fitness for our body that is increase in cardiovascular endurance which strengthen the muscle of the heart and blood vessels when using treadmill and bicycle, promote bone density and makes then more solid as the weight put stress on the bones which in response increase their density to make them more solid and so prevent diseases such as osteoporosis (Osteoporosis happens when the bones decrease in mass making it more fragile), increased muscle mass not only increase our strength but also makes us burn more calories as lean muscle mass fires up our metabolism during work out and even after as the body needs energy to maintain this new muscle mass (Shawn Le Brun, 2002; Yigal Pinchas, 2006).

He couldn’t speak for months because of his injuries.

Another severe case of injury happened when another American football player nearly got his fingers ripped off while training in the weight room ( Josh Staph, 2010).

The gym population comprises of everyone from children, adolescents, adults to seniors.

These groups of people have different goals for training in gym from trying to keep fit and control body weight to conditioning the body to perform at its highest level in competition so it is not uncommon to see professional sports men to workout at the gym at the same time with people doing rehabilitation exercises.

For decades, this was the bad image associated with gyms until the end of the 1960’s and certainly was no place for women to set foot, but this has certainly changed with recent technological development with fitness equipment on the front scene making it hardly recognisable to people still living into the old stereotype.

This firstly changed by giving members new activities like running, cycling and walking which traditionally was considered as outdoor activities, today’s gyms offer state of the art equipment with digital readout displaying exercising programs, duration and intensity of exercise, calories burned etc.

(Yigal Pinchas, 2006) With the increase number of people going to gym, the risk of accident happening in them increased.

Gym injuries can range from minor injuries such as small superficial cuts and bruises to severe sprain and strain, crushed body parts and rarely death.


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