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Told he will never compete in gymnastics again, he contemplates suicide, but eventually finds himself back at the service station, where Socrates shares such wisdom as, "The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination." I was happy to hear this, because it explains what Godard meant when he said, "The cinema is not the station, the cinema is the train." The story arc of "Peaceful Warrior" is so familiar that in addition to being inspired by fact, it is inspired by at least two-thirds of all the sports movies ever made.To quote myself (this situation has come up before): I can't give away the ending, because it gives itself away. If Dan bought himself a Baby Ruth from the candy machine, could he eat it?Mystified, Dan follows Socrates to an ancient Native American burial ground.

Surprised that he could move so quickly, Dan strikes up a conversation with the old man, and calls him Socrates.

Dan begins to meet Socrates on a regular basis, and is interested in his philosophy.

The book initially had only modest sales, before Hal Kramer came out of retirement to republish the book, from the H. The story tells of a chance meeting with a service station attendant who becomes a spiritual teacher to the young gymnast, Dan Millman.

The attendant, whom Millman names Socrates, becomes a kind of father figure and teaches Millman how to become a "peaceful warrior".

Dan experiences a vision where he dies but still remains conscious. Socrates reminds Dan of his teachings and that he must be happy without any reason.

If "Peaceful Warrior" were not based on a true story, I might have an easier time believing it.

What I do believe is that Nick Nolte can play a man who can levitate.

Nolte sounds a note of weary clarity in the film; when he utters self-help cliches ("stop gathering information from outside yourself and start gathering information from inside"), he underplays it so well and looks so serious that we think maybe he knows this first-hand.

One particular night, Dan heads out to an all night gas station, where he meets the same old man from his dreams.

Dan, nervous, leaves immediately, but as he turns back, he sees the man standing on the roof.


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