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The roots of this can be traced back to the movement for Women in Education that to this day continues to advocate equality of opportunity for women and men in their access to education.

In this case, the education should be neutral in its diffusion, production, and design.

The very narrative of women’s role in the family is differently put forward by the traditional elites, the Korean state and the groups working for women’s empowerment. The new women rights movement during the 1960s and 1970s resulted in the birth of the MLF (Movement de la Liberation de la Femme).

The MLF succeeded in enacting the legislative changes.

The Changing Role of Women in the American Family Introduction Women had for years been traditionally relegated to an inferior position in all cultures, societies and religions.

At home, the man was lord and master for women to love, honor, and obey.The article "introduces the historical context of women's emancipation in the Republic of Turkey and then discusses how different women's groups expanded, transformed or perpetuated the parameters of the public realm with their different, at times seemingly contradictory, discourses for liberation.The focus of this article is on issues and concerns around which women voiced their differences from the founding fathers who 'emancipated women,' and not on politics in formal political institutions, such as political parties or parliament." ("From Emancipation to Liberation: The Changing Role of Women in Turkey's Public Realm" 107).Until then, it is the gender hierarchy of traditional feudal society that prevailed in a supposedly modern democracy.Although abolished now, it has curtailed the development of women in Korea by obstructing their freedom in both public and private space.The republican concept of secularism and nationalism strengthened the feminists of Turkey.In the society, women were provided with a new public space and their gender role was redefined.While this new role of women is determined, it is also essential that such an investigative study incorporates the changed role of women in various sectors, sections, and nations.Therefore, the efforts to define the new role of women in the modern world should essentially include a research on the changing role of women in every sector and category of social life.It is indisputable that one of the most relevant topics in the modern feminist theory relating to the general theme of gender role and sex inequality has been the changing role of women.Therefore, this anthology endeavors to provide with the most accurate materials to conclude on the changing role of women in various sections and categories of modern life.


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