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From The Awakened Life by Jayaram V Cultivating the Attitude of Renunciation Looking Beyond the Surface of Life The Power of Truth in Self-awareness Cultivating the Attitude of Forgiveness Faith and Reason in the Quest For Knowledge Detachment For Freedom and Happiness Finding Your Dream and Creating Your Miracles The Powers of God The Higher Purpose of Your Life Dealing with Unnecessary Sufferingy Basic Spirituality for Worldly People Quantum Reality in Daily Life Four Important Lessons of Life Natural Evolution Vs.Spiritual Evolution To Be Like a Flower in the Winds of Life Why Did Swami Vivekananda Die?David L Pascall Chairman, National Curriculum Council April 1993 The Education Reform Act (1988) (ERA) sets education within the context of the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and of society.

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This is more or less a compromise of sorts, what some people prefer to call as spiritual materialism, which does not guarantee liberation but gives you an ability to withstand the pressures of life with greater understanding and patience.

In today’s world, you may consider yourself a spiritual person, if you go beyond the immediate needs and concerns of your mind and body and search for answers about your existence and your relationship with the world around you.

Experiencing feelings of transcendence - Feelings which may give rise to belief in the existence of a divine being, or the belief that one's inner resources provide the ability to rise above everyday experiences. ' at times of hardship or suffering; reflecting on the origins and purpose of life; responding to challenging experiences of life such as beauty, suffering and death.

Self-knowledge - An awareness of oneself in terms of thoughts, feelings, emotions, responsibilities and experiences; a growing understanding and acceptance of individual identity; the development of self-respect.

How To Cultivate A God Centered Mind How to Cultivate Mindful Awareness How to Practice Silence How You Can Attract Abundance, Healing Others If Peace Is All You Want Individuality in the Five Sheaths (Kosas) of the Body Life After Death Opening Your Heart to Compassion The Psychology and Spirituality of Compassion Compassion in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism Practical Spiritualism - The Principles and Practice of Spirituality Quotations of The Mother Right Thinking, Right Speech and Right Action Seeing God Everywhere Self Discovery - Opening the Door to Self-realization Spiritual Laws That Govern Our Lives Spirituality - The Power of True Surrender Spirituality and Spiritualism Spirituality For Worldly People Ten Reflections For a Spiritual Person The Basis For Spiritual Life The Bhagavad-Gita on Suffering The Days and Nights of Brahma The Formation of Solar System The Power of Intention The Seven Creations The Significance of Vegetarian Food In Spiritual Life The Soul and the Mind The Soul, The Ego and The Process of Liberation The Truth About You and Your Self-image The Zen Art of Seeing Things As They Are - A Story The Zodiac and Its Antiquity Three Important Mind Tools Truths About Pain and Suffering Unconditional Love Understanding Your Attachments What is faith?

The important role which education, in partnership with the home, can and should play in the spiritual and moral development of our children hardly needs emphasising.

The term needs to be seen as applying to something fundamental in the human condition which is not necessarily experienced through the physical senses and/or expressed through everyday language.

It has to do with relationships with other people and, for believers, with God.

Objective Concentration Techniques Healing Your Consciousness - Advanced Self-healing Techniques Why is Life Such a Struggle? Is Enlightenment the Right Word for Spiritual Liberation?

What is True Surrender Morality and Nature in Good Vs.


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