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In this regard, attraction acquires a metaphysical objective, and is not solely relegated to the physical sphere of existence....

[tags: State of nature, Jean-Jacques Rousseau] - Matthew Firestone December 17, 2015 Political Philosophy: Dudas Final Paper: Option #1 As we navigated through eight different political philosophers this semester, we have read, first-hand, how each writer has perceived different crises and problems in his study of humans and their societies.

To Rousseau, the sovereign’s main goal is to find the general will of society and create laws that promote the general will.

Rousseau’s theory also includes that public discourse causes the legislation to stray from the general will (Rousseau 180)....

He believes the only way to become fully human is by entering the “social contract”....

[tags: Political philosophy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau] - In the Discourse on Inequality, Jean-Jacques Rousseau asserts that the process of socialization impels man to cultivate the ability to love.Throughout the book, Rousseau strives to outline the history of human development, beginning from the state of nature to the establishment of civil society in order to determine the origins and consequences of inequality and to question the legitimacy of political institutions....[tags: Political philosophy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau] - The Natural Ways Man became a Natural Human Being In his book A Discourse on Inequality, Jean- Jacques Rousseau turns to the state of nature in search of the real “essence” of man. Rousseau is trying to determine the prodigious events, such as the acquisition of knowledge and errors, the mutations that took place in the constitution of the body, and the constant impact of the passions that eventually led to the separation of man between the state of nature and society (67)....- According to Rousseau’s On the Social Contract, the general will is a collectively held common good or common interest (Rousseau 167).The general will is vital in Rousseau’s theory because the legislation must create laws that promote the general will of the public.Many international relations scholars have taken the theories developed by Hobbes and Rousseau as being indicative to the “realists” school of thought.However, an understanding of the realism school of thought will provide us with a means by which we can measure and better understand the two authors place within the paradigm....[tags: Political philosophy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau] - The General Will Through the Eyes of Rousseau Jean- Jacques Rousseau’s The Social Contract introduces the concept of what is commonly referred to as the common good.The common good is described as the end result that benefits the most people within a state or society.[tags: Political philosophy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau] - Jean-Jacques Rousseau describes the origins of humanity in his book, Discourse on Inequality.Although Rousseau takes a hypothetical approach rather than a factual, historical approach to surmising the history of humankind, he effectively analyzes the foundations of human inequality and whether it is sanctioned by natural law.


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