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Dear Christians, this essay will demonstrate, by way of simple reasoning, that the Bible or Christianity is not at all what God is about and neither can possibly be true.Do not be disheartened, the real €˜good news€™ is that God really is love and is much greater and more glorious than those sources portray.Religion is a subject that both fascinates and intrigues me.

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Someone asked me, €œ OK, but what€™s your point here€?

My point is that I believe that although everyone is very sincere they are not thinking deeper than the surface of their indoctrinated views.

It suggests that many people are lost because the €˜saved€™ can€™t or don€™t for whatever reasons make all the rounds. Many try to explain it by saying, €œwell, those that do not know will be judged on the basis of what they do know€.

This makes absolutely no sense and is in direct contradiction to the crux of the belief that says there can be no salvation without accepting Christ and His shed blood.

They had their Bibles out and were busy pointing out the selected passages of scripture that €œproved€ their points.

I said, €œyou know, people have all kinds of ideas about what it takes to please God because almost no two people can agree on what that book you are quoting says€.My point then, is to attempt to challenge or provoke people to put their beliefs to the test of €˜reason€™.We have little chance of awakening to a greater realization as long as we are trapped in the €˜blind leading the blind€™ crowd.Now, I know, any Christian who reads this is jumping up and down to point out that the Bible is God€™s word and is very clear on the subject.Yet the statement is preposterous when you recognize the amount of diversity within the religion.I trust that you will agree that love and fairness would demand such.Yet Christianity believes that they are now God€™s chosen as the Jews were in Old Testament times.The following essay is probably going to be considered controversial, particularly among conservative Christians.We invite you to write a rebuttal and submitting it to us for consideration as a potential visitor essay.Either their upbringing or some other event or experiences trigger some initial attention and they let that superficial conviction gain momentum and have complete dominance of their thinking from then on.As a consequence we have a multiplicity of beliefs and religions each convinced that they are God€™s chosen and are responsible for defending God€™s position with a resulting world of conflict and confusion.


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