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The said continents are still on the move to currently.The occurrence of plate tectonics has not been known exactly what drives despite the existence of theories.Plate tectonics activity occurs at four types of boundaries.

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Background Information Plate tectonics occurred from the theory that was first initiated in the early 20th century by a meteorologist named Alfred Wegener.

In the year 1912, Wegener identified that the coastlines of both the east coast of South America and west coast of Africa were in a position to fit together like the common jigsaw puzzle.

This calls for more research in order to mitigate further calamities. Such kinds of earthquakes can serve as triggers and alarms for volcanic activity that is about to take place in that area.

Works Cited Conrad, Clinton P.& Lithgow, Bertelloni. In 1980’s, earthquakes served as early warning signs for the eruption of Mount St. It is also understood that the......, originally installed to monitor nuclear testing by the 1960s, found that geological phenomenon, such as volcanoes and earthquakes, were mostly found along the edges of tectonic plates .

At the peripheral areas of the Pacific Ocean basin, it contains at its boundaries several plates that are dotted with many active volcanoes to form a ring of fire.

The ring provides an excellent example of plate boundary volcanoes. It forms either at mid-ocean ridges or above subduction zones.

Also plate tectonics explains that earths have a rigid outer (lithosphere) that it is broken into a mosaic of has continental plates that are regarded to slide over the asthenosphere at the uppermost layer of the mantle.

As plates are in constant motion they interact in their margin thus essential geological processes occurs such as the formation of mountain belts and earthquakes (Conrad & Lithgow 13). ...evidence, however, when one studies closely it is evident that one of these surely can trigger the other (Rafferty, 2010).

All this evidence answered the problem Wegener was unable to; that solid continental and oceanic plates of the Earth’s crust, or lithosphere,.....our planet suffer from annual earthquakes constantly, but it does not mean that population of these regions has got used to such events.

In reality unpredictability and dreadful consequences of any natural disasters keep people in tension and fear, proving the fact that human life is fragile and unsecured.


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