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Despite great continuity and similarity with our fellow primates, our biocultural evolution has produced significant, profound discontinuities in how we interact with each other and in our environment, where no precedent exists in other animals.

Although we share similar underlying evolved traits with other species, we also display uses of those traits that are so novel and extraordinary that they often make us forget about our commonalities.

Those involved in the study of genetics and evolution find this topic very fascinating.

The evolution of human beings from the past up to now is very interesting.

Homo sapiens do not have blue noticeable eyes but they are believed to have these genes that lead to blue eyes in them.

In the past it was believed that the Neanderthals were not intelligent enough.They also made musical instruments and weapons that they used for hunting. Written by the educator who created What Makes Us Human?The genetic base pairs of these two species showed a match ob as much as 99.7%.This suggests that it is possible that the two species could have interbred at one point.How is it possible that human beings and trees could have evolved from the same point?If you do not believe this then you need to do some research and know what Neanderthals are.It is even more interesting to know that if you are tracing your ancestors and go beyond your great, great grandparents you are likely to get astonished at the revelation that you get.It is believed that you could find yourself having a DNA that is in some percentage alike to that of a certain family of trees.Preparing a twig to fish for termites may seem comparable to preparing a stone to produce a sharp flake—but landing on the moon and being able to return to tell the story is truly out of this non-human world.Humans are the sole hominin species in existence today.


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