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In intense snapshots of these women’s most intimate moments, Minot brings to life their dreams and disappointments, hopes and heartbreaks, and highlights the emotional fissures that divide women and men.

This ebook features a new illustrated biography of Susan Minot, including artwork by the author and rare documents and photos from her personal collection.

Every picture reveals a girl in her sanctuary: We see a lot, we know nothing; every Girl and her Room remains a mystery, a vulnerable object of intrigue." Gregory Buchakjian, An added strength of Matar's project is her blend of pictures from two cultures: US and Middle East, establishing revelations in both the similarities and the divergences in each culture's bedrooms.

Matar's understanding of the rich possibilities in this dichotomy grew slowly.

Before conceiving "a girl and her room" as a series, Matar started photographing her daughters and their friends, working with relationships that existed before she took their portraits.

This placed her in a long and fertile tradition of women photographers who have photographed their children, ranging from Julia Margaret Cameron in nineteenth-century England to the California photographer Imogen Cunningham in the twenties to the contemporary photographer Sally Mann, just to name a few.

Rather than portray the stereo-typed "crazy teens with raging hormones," she approached each person with respect and kindness, looking for individuality and accepting with grace the forms it took. The issue focuses on what it means to be a girl, the modern girl's life, and features the lives and work of some amazing Brooklyn-based girls. "There are no photographs in which the girl doesn't seem to perfectly fit in the room. The book is currently out of print, out of circulation and no longer available commercially.

They must work together because these are two symbiotic beings living in coexistence. To purchase your signed copy directly from Rania Matar, click the button at the right or email [email protected]

Twelve stories of women caught in the emotional turbulence of romance in Manhattan For the twelve narrators of Susan Minot’s breathtaking collection—artists and lawyers, teenagers and thirty-somethings—love in New York doesn’t come easy.

And as they struggle to reconcile their yearnings for romance with their needs for independence, they face resistance to emotional commitment at every turn.


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