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Parents should be held accountable for the actions of their children, and enforce discipline when there is a violation of moral and ethical rules in society.” Rhema Nottage, a 12th grade student at St Andrew’s School received an honourable mention.

The top winners received a Microsoft Surface tablet, books on the life and legacy of Dr King and Education USA college advising materials.

The formation of a police force dedicated to the removal of illegal weaponry and the termination of black market weapons trade is essential.” Waynisha Saunders, 10th grade student at CV Bethel Sr High School - “A Social Cure for a National Ill.” “The foundation of any strong society is based upon healthy families and good values.

When there is weakness in the family unit, it negatively impacts society at large and as a result at-risk youth are becoming involved in anti-social behaviour.

During the January Board of Education meeting four students from West Lake Jr. The King did indeed fight for racial justice, and quite frankly I would like to believe that he would be proud of what we did in these past 46 years.

Those words are an example that truly shows what Martin Luther King Jr. To this day, a lot of the human race tends to believe that what Martin Luther King stood for was just racial unification, but I would like to object to that.

We must confront issues that slow the development of our youth, or that cut their lives short all too soon.

The sounds of gunshots in communities from the South Side of Chicago to Newtown, Conn., urge us to confront the realities of gun culture.

My dearest movers, innovators and transformers, where are you?

We didn't start this journey with the idea that when times become the most difficult, we would hide, letting our work perish in vain. When our hope falters, and our zest for social change begins to subside, or if our moxie for non-violent confrontation wears down, we should stay thirsty for the fountain of youth!


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