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She is consumed by the whirlwind of mixed emotions and commands given to her by Hamlet, Laertes and Polonius.

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In their absence she cannot function, so she becomes mad.

She is a shape-shifter who takes on whichever identity is thrust upon her by any male figure.

When she at last finds love, he forbids her to entertain it, fearing that it will reflect badly upon him "...

Or given my heart a winking, mute and dumb;/Or look'd upon this love with idle sight-/What might you(Claudius) think?

Or is it closer to anomie, a sociological term for a type of madness in which individuals are alienated from society?

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How can terminology from psychology be useful in understanding literary characters?

To state that madness and sanity are opposites grossly oversimplifies and omits significant shades of grey.

The term madness, whether used in a clinical or literary sense, is a fluid, ambiguous term encompassing many theories. We often complain that people or situations are driving us "mad," or "crazy" or "wild." The insanity of daily existence and of absurd situations can devastate tender psyches.

"(136-138) and "tender (him) a fool"(109) and because she is completely obedient, she complies to his wishes.

After Hamlet accosts his daughter while she is sewing, Polonius' concern fades quickly when he determines that he can gain through her unfortunate situation "Come, go we to the King/This must be known; which, being kept close, might move/More grief to hide than hate to utter love"(II.i.117-119.


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