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Hesse had more opportunities to release poems and small literary texts to journals. Shortly, the publisher Samuel Fischer became interested in Hesse, and with the novel Peter Camenzind, which appeared first as a pre-publication in 1903 and then as a regular printing by Fischer in 1904, came his breakthrough. His literary fame secure, Hesse married Maria Bernoulli in 1904, settled down with her in Gaienhofen on Lake Constance, beginning a family, eventually having three sons.In Gaienhofen, he wrote his second novel Beneath the Wheel, which appeared in 1906.In May, after an attempt at suicide, he spent time at an institution in Bad Boll under the care of theologian and minister, Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt.

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Long an advocate of the individual's private quest for self-knowledge, Hesse despised the growing mass movement of German nationalism and the rise of National Socialism.

He came under suspicion and his works were censored during the Third Reich, but he survived the war, winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946.

Afterwards, he began a bookshop apprenticeship in Esslingen am Neckar, but left three days later.

In the early summer of 1894, he began a 14-month mechanic apprenticeship at a clock tower factory in Calw.

Hesse's father, Johannes Hesse, was born in 1847, in Estonia, the son of a doctor.

The Hesse family had lived in Calw since 1873, where they operated a missionary publishing house under the direction of Hesse's maternal grandfather, Hermann Gundert.Hermann Hesse spent his first years of life surrounded by the spirit of Swabian piety.In 1881, the family moved to Basel, Switzerland for five years, then returned to Calw.After successful attendance at the Latin School in Göppingen, Hesse began to attend the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Maulbronn in 1891.Here in March 1892, Hesse showed his rebellious character: He fled from the Seminary and was found in a field a day later, cowering.He would return to this experience from his youth in his novel, Beneath the Wheel.On October 17, 1895, Hesse began working in the bookshop Heckenhauer in Tübingen, which had a collection specializing in theology, philology, and law.During this time, Hesse began a journey through various institutions and schools, experiencing intense conflicts with his parents.It was also at about this time that his bipolar disorder began to affect him; he mentioned suicidal thoughts in a letter dated March 20, 1892.At the same time, Basel offered the solitary Hesse many opportunities for withdrawal into a private life of artistic self-exploration through journeys and wanderings.In 1900, Hesse was exempted from compulsory military service due to an eye condition, which, along with nerve disorders and persistent headaches, affected him his entire life.


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