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Mothers’ are portrayed as women who nurture and gives love for the sake of loving, Victor instead of creating life to love and adore like the maternity instinct that should’ve been there he would rather receive praise for his work (Beth).

Frankenstein seeks the feminine area of creativity but lacks the integral maternal sentiments (Beth).

Doctor Frankenstein could have performed an “abortion” on his creation, but his decision against an end to the being led to the creature’s mental, emotional, and physical breakdown.

The idea of abortion recurs as both Victor and the monster express their sense of the monster’s hideousness.

Victor’s views of giving life are distorted; he is selfish about what he wants from it and aborts it when it is a product he does not like.

Shelley portrays a character who is disillusioned about the “secrets” of creation, consumed by his desire to make a life from death (Maslov). Frankenstein: The Theme of Abortion Most of us have read the novel Frankenstein. There are many themes that come along with one of the first gothic, romantic science fiction novels of the 17th century. As a result, the living creation scorns the life given to him. Although the child will be granted the most valuable gift, life, he may live in misery and hatred, despising the moment his imperfection came to light (Smith). org – Free Balanced, Non-Partisan Discussion of Political & Social Issues for Debate (Pros and Cons – Decision Making Politics). The life that Frankenstein’s monster led encourages the idea that such personal, painful disasters must be prevented. Abortions should be used only to spare fetuses future misfortunes and grueling mental and physical pain (Beth). The Doctor’s creation results in a miserable being constantly on the verge of suicide who despises the human race that gave birth to him. Although he was born pure and compassionate, the creature experiences only hatred and violence, which banishes any sanity from the monster’s heart. Frankenstein’s creature, the “fallen angel” who becomes “a malignant devil”, refers to himself as the “miserable and the abandoned, an abortion, to be spurned at, and kicked, and trampled on (494). He desires to interact with the world and share in the simple pleasures it holds, but he is buried in self-criticism as his mutilation and unnaturalness painfully put him into an isolated world.


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