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Through examination of the evidence without a jury by the judge, the company was ordered to pay resettlement fee for the residence.According to Wehner, (2003), the film was seen in two perspectives.

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Focusing on a drama based on a true story around performing comedians was the best thing about this movie. The movie involved six actors and became the best movie in the same year, a fact that brought speculations that the movie industry was going to gain more profits in the years that were to follow (Todd, 2000).After Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) lost her lawsuit against the driver, she demanded a job from the lawyer who represented her.It is clearly seen that character development was poor and he film lacks compelling power and focus. Roberts in particular spends usually to show her prowess as a movie star as opposed to her well natured acting capabilities.The movie was seen to be harsh and lacked elements of truth.Despite being unemployed as well as a single mother, she used any opportunity she came across and made sure that she supported her family well.Though she was so much devoted to her work, she had time to attend to her family.She took the advantage and went ahead to help the community in finding a solution to the problem.Moreover, Erin is also egoistic; she keeps getting better, luminous and more in control.The deposits were then leached into the water bodies altering the functioning of the ecosystem.Chromium deposits did not only affect the aquatic system but also the residence through water contamination.


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