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The public unrest posed a problem for the government, and so decisive action was called for—one can debate what racist ideas he held, but President Johnson was a longtime opponent of the KKK and certain Southern Democrats.

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I thought of this at the time as an effort to make the eight-hour ride into a party for me and my older brother and younger sister. He understood the anxiety that beset African Americans as they sought to obtain elementary decencies on the nation’s highways.

Only later did I learn that their preparations stemmed from fear. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which became law fifty years ago this summer, decisively altered this dismal situation. Sign in to Customer Care using your account number or postal address.

Why Notwithstanding reasons of public morality, what about the time and the people led to the passage of the bill?

The increasing (and televised) aggression of segregationist politicians and police pushed public opinion towards the side of activists.

This moment of cooperation between the federal government and civil rights leaders marked an important shift in the expansion of rights for black Americans and for women.

This would lead to the equally important Voting Rights Act of 1965. You’re free to go.” The drive took us into territory that featured signs distinguishing “colored women” from “white ladies,” signs indicating whether a business served blacks, signs designating which toilets or water fountains or entrances African Americans were permitted to use. We should also recognize echoes of the fights from ’64 in current disputes over affirmative action, health-care expansion, and a host of other political issues. Analysis of another primary source allows claiming that the economic situation improved for black Americans following the passage of the aforementioned acts.The 1974 article in The Time magazine “Races: America’s Rising Black Middle Class” provides descriptions of numerous successes of black Americans in the economic sphere in the years following the passage of the anti-discriminatory legislation.Despite the fact that by the time the article was published, the black population had by no means reached the level of economic equality with Caucasian Americans and there were still persuasive problems, African Americans made considerable advancements.The article suggests that the struggles to achieve the economic equality with the white population got realized in the 1970s, namely through legislation and a variety of other means of federal assistance.Next, the Civil Rights Movement had a powerful economic impact on American society.Desegregation of various industries brought black workers to factories and plants across the States.The second is that it outlaws segregation in public accommodations, schools, and employment.The third is that it outlaws discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.


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