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Settlements in the financial sector alone clock in at well over 0 billion.A good chunk of that is off-budget government agency finance.

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But the trend is secular, and robust to partisan politics.

(It began under the Reagan administration and has accelerated since.) Herewith, six features of Executive Federalism: . The key decisions are made by high-level political appointees, usually in close cooperation with the White House. isn’t rulemaking by bureaucrats and administrative regularity; it’s political.

Over time the federal government’s ambitions have become more local: land use, education curricula and services, etc.

At first impression that looks like an expansion of Congress’s power—but it really isn’t.

The prototype of modern legislation isn’t “big delegation,” as under the New Deal.

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It’s “big waiver”: Congress writes a highly prescriptive programs but then authorizes the Executive to waive big pieces.comes from Congress—except the occasional convoluted statute that hands an unwieldy program to the executive.This drift toward executive government is pervasive.Medicaid’s operation is governed through MOUs (Memoranda of Understanding)—without notice and comment, without anyone at the table except the state bureaucrats and people from HHS and CMS, and without any opportunity for arbitrary and capricious review.Over the past decade multi-billion dollar settlements with corporations that are accused of wrongdoing have proliferated.When Congress goes AWOL, the Executive will tend to push its authority to the outer limits, and beyond.Examples spring readily to mind: immigration; executive waivers for states that have decriminalized marijuana; a clean power plan for which EPA plainly lacks authority; and so on.Last week, I visited Boston College for a discussion of the Supreme Court’s recent decisions. So far, the Court has given no indication that it has a clue. most welcome because the thoughts (some old, some new) are embryonic: I’m working on a more serious, grown-up presentation. That form of government has some deeply disturbing features, including several that should prompt a judicial response.Federalism isn’t between “the states” and the feds; it’s between and among blocs of states—one demanding federal intervention, the other telling the feds to bug off. Over the decades the Executive has developed powerful tools to run its federalism.The Obama administration has been very aggressive in deploying them.


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