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To write about art appreciation, it is important to know the vocabulary, or language, of art.It will help you structure your essay and effectively express your ideas, opinions and feelings to your reader.

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Museums, galleries and government buildings will provide this information on labels near the work of art. If shown, describe the people, objects, place, time of day and weather. For example, the artist can use line to direct where you look. Describe how the artist uses the principles of design: balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, repetition, proportion, variety and unity. Begin with an introduction that includes the artist, title, when and where the work was created and its present location, as well as your initial feelings and opinions.

For example, equal distribution of objects throughout the work will give you a feeling of stability, while uneven distribution will give you a feeling of movement. Each paragraph should focus on a single idea, and make sure you write complete sentences.

Learn the elements of art and the principles of design before you examine the work of art.

Printable glossaries are available on the Getty Museum website. Look at it from about 6 feet away, then about 2 feet away.

While Warhol was perhaps the leading figure in the movement Lichtenstein gain large-scale prominence. Warhol fetishized archetypical cultural images, such as Campbell’s Soup Can and Marilyn Monroe, in oftentimes-repetitive fashion.1 Lichtenstein, conversely, implemented cartoon imagery as a means of parodying a number of subject matters. Some items prove hard to come by, rendering some aspects of production impossible to complete unless those items are obtained.

This means that someone has to be willing to sell what is needed.‘Stepping Out’ implements Lichtenstein’s traditional comic book imagery. The male figure seems to be identifiable through traditional social conventions of dress; he is wearing a hat, has short-trimmed hair, as well as a suit and tie.In this way, the work is recognized as implementing the traditional pop art style (Livingstone, p. Conversely, the woman does not take on complete form; instead, her face is depicted not in the traditional form of the human head, but as a canvas. She has long blonde hair, red lips, and a yellow dress that seems to further situate her with feminine identification.Commerce is also something that is more economically driven, as opposed to artistically.Art, however, has less to do with the production process and more to do with the completed production itself; in fact, it is more of a concept than a physical item. The term ical music” is a very broad one, referring to the mainstream music produced between the mid-16th century and the beginning of the 20thcentury: a time also known as the common practice period.She holds a master's degree in art history from New York University and has decades of professional experience in technology.One of the artists that most frequently appeals to me is Roy Lichtenstein.Lichtenstein created a wide array of work and much of it has gained positions of prominence among art theorists.While Lichtenstein produced an array of work, perhaps his work that most appeals to me are ‘Stepping Out’ (currently housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art).The division between the man and woman is blurred such that they seem to dissolve into each other; this perspective on singularity is further witnessed through Lichtenstein’s slight use of pointillism on the right side and left the side of the woman and man’s faces, respectively.These aesthetic factors combine comic book styles with cubist expression to create new expressive potentials.


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