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Cultural conflicts usually emerge for various reasons.The main identifiable issue is the lack of recognizing of these cultures, which leads to the failure to appreciate them accordingly.

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For example, for making easily to contact every member, we form a group via facebook.

The leader of the group wrote- “Please “put” your work piece by piece on this page, and be sure to make films for all the works.” However, the German student posted nothing at the first whole week.

Cross-cultural conflicts in organizations not only affect people who are directly associated with the organization, whether in Canada or globally, but they also affect other parties that are indirectly associated with the organization.

The following discussion entails that managing organizational conflict will be successful if the leader and the employees develop strategies and steps of achieving the same as opposed to having the government intercede or impose policies that are not fashioned for individual organizations.

Can communication exacerbate the conflicts or help to reduce the conflicts?

Conflict is a state of disagreement or argument between people, groups, countries etc…, and it is the truth that conflict is unavoidable in our society.Dapheny Communication differences can sometimes be the cause of intercultural conflict.How cultural background can influence conflict management and how we engage in intercultural conflict.Discussion To define culture, various issues from the origin of the word in the Latin language to its the perception in the western languages and intellectual refinement of a civilization will be considered.However, from whatever perception one intends to look at it, there are still diverse notions and explanations as to the contents of its meaning.There is only one guy who is native speaker in this group.The only one language we can communicate is English.Dealing with these diverse issues is the key aspect of running a successful organization or institution (Anonymous, 1997).Organizations in Canada are likely to encounter diverse cultures as the country accommodates similar diverse people.Organizational cultural conflicts affect various stakeholders. One of the main groups of stakeholders affected is the employees.The reason is that they are the most influenced by the policies and the practices of an organization.


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