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One of the narrators Thompson exclaims: “I don’t think any word can explain a man’s life.

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However, the same technique was also used by Welles for producing different effects, such as showing the growing tension between Kane and his wife through editing the quick succession of the episodes from their breakfast quarrels.

As opposed to the traditional mode according to which one character completes an utterance before the following one starts his/her remark, Welles does not allow the characters of Citizen Kane to express their thoughts till the end, interrupting then with the remarks or questions of the following speaker.

As opposed to traditional editing schemes, the technique chosen by Welles involves spectators into the process of solving the jigsaw puzzle, making them active participants of the investigation process.

Not completely reliable and controversial evidence provided by friends and associates of the deceased man requires critical evaluation and analysis.

Jigsaw puzzle is one of the central motifs and techniques used by Orson Welles in his editing experiments.

Implementing the principle of psychological associations, Orson develops editing techniques which emphasize the complexity of human personality which can be seen differently by various story-tellers from their specific perspectives.

Thus, working in the realistic key, Welles allows his narrators to age and this circumstance adds special appeal to their narration.

On the other hand, the combination of overlapping and frequently contradicting segments and flashbacks shows spectators how multi-sided and controversial the depiction of an individual can be.

Essay text: After this unraveling of the truth, Kane's life takes a turn for the worse.

In a movie filled with so many holes, breaks, and flashbacks, it is nice to have a unifying central theme on which to rely in order to piece the film together.


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