Essays About Single Parenting

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Combining motherhood with a career is not easy, but those that are successful carry similar traits.

A successful single working mother can be defined as one that creates a great support system, is an By far, the most important support system a successful single mother achieves is open communication with her employers.

A woman trying to example both roles to her children, experiences hardships that two-parent families are not faced with.

She works harder and appreciates any little bit of help she receives more than a mother with the help of the children’s father. Either they are very hard on their children, or they do not care much about what the child is doing, like any family. She went on to a very successful career and raised her children to know what it is like to have to work for what you want.

Look for family members or friends of the opposite sex to be good examples for your children.

Invite a positive and responsible family member or friend to spend time with your child.Participating in a support group gives you a chance to share your feelings and get advice. There are things you can do so you don’t feel overwhelmed.Children benefit from good role models of both sexes. You may be a single parent due to divorce or death of a partner. You can also find a support group for single parents in your community. You may have family members, friends, or neighbors nearby that can pitch in when you need them.It may be difficult for a mother to go out and teach her son to play football, yet very easy to go buy him a jock strap.It may be simple to go buy her daughter a bra, yet hard to prove how she should be treated by a man.Another important factor to time management is not looking to find more time in the day, but maximizing the time available.Single working mothers do an exceptional job when it comes to juggling multiple activities at one time.They have the daunting task of juggling the responsibilities of parenthood and being the primary breadwinner.A successful single working mother makes handling a career and family appear effortless, but in reality much planning, organizing, and time management skills become the foundation that helps to hold the balancing act together.


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