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Chui wasn’t talking about the novel; she was talking about those dispatches. I had spent most of my twenties and some of my thirties fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In my journalism, Chui could see that as I was attempting to understand the trajectory of events unfolding inside of Syria, I was, in tandem, wrestling to understand events from a decade before, during my own wars. “Burke didn’t write about the British disaster in America by taking the topic head on; instead, he wrote about another revolution to understand the failures of a decade before.

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“When he wrote about the French Revolution,” Chui said, “he wasn’t really writing about France. It was one of those perfect blue-sky summer afternoons where the clouds pass overhead with just enough frequency to give you an occasional break from the sun. James Park, they have cloth-backed deck chairs that are left out for the public.

He used the French Revolution as a way to write about Britain’s failure in the American Revolution 10 years before.” Then she gave me one of those looks, the type women often give men when they know more about them than they know about themselves. Chui and I sat next to one another in a pair of them.More recently, she has written novels set in Australia’s past, revisiting and re-imagining colonial encounters between settlers and Indigenous Australians.This collection of essays includes a scholarly introduction and three new essays that reflect on Grenville’s work in relation to her approach to feminism, her role as public intellectual and her books on writing.Grenville has been acclaimed for her novels, winning numerous national and international prizes including the Orange Prize for Fiction and the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize.Her novels are marked by sharp observations of outsider figures who are often under pressure to conform to society’s norms.I’ve also had to break my usual blog-and-newsletter-rule about limiting listings to paying journals only (and only publications that don’t require reading fees).But I’ve done my best to signal to you which journals state outright on their sites that they’ll pay for your work–look for the $–and which ones are equally upfront about charging fees. It’s entirely possible that the editors of these publications will welcome something more along the lines of 500 or 800 words.But unless I’ve discerned a *specific* editorial interest in shorter-form nonfiction–whether through my own research into guidelines and past issues or through sources listed at the end of the post–I haven’t included them here.First, this list by no means includes *every* journal or magazine that might publish your piece of flash nonfiction.For the most part, I’ve omitted publications that specify only that submitted essays should run “no longer than” or “up to” 5,000 or 8,000 words.


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