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Most hearing-impaired students can speech-read to some extent, but try to determine how well.

To help your hearing-impaired students speech-read, make sure to face them when you talk, talk slowly and clearly, and don't yell. Try not to turn your back and speak while writing on a board.

For example, if a teacher turns his back on the students while teaching, his voice will be directed toward the blackboard, causing a student with hearing loss to miss part of the lesson.

Oral changes to homework assignments, an unfamiliar accent or a teacher who talks too rapidly can all hinder the learning progress of a student with hearing loss.

Interpreters in the Classroom Interpreters are trained professionals bound by a code of ethics.

Interpreters have no knowledge of the student’s classroom performance or the etiology of their deafness.

In addition to the suggested modifications listed, the following suggestions are helpful for working with an interpreter.

Some people are born with hearing impairments, while others lose their hearing through injuries, infections, or even loud noises.

And for those with more severe hearing loss, intervention services are even more crucial; those who do not receive intervention usually do not progress beyond the third-grade level. It’s certainly not a question of intelligence; just because a child has hearing loss doesn’t mean he is any less capable of doing well in school than his hearing peers.

Sometimes the classroom environment itself doesn’t support a child with hearing loss; A busy teacher who has many students to tend to, or a teacher with a poor understanding of hearing loss, often is unable to alter his teaching style or keep a student’s hearing loss in mind while teaching a lesson or assigning homework.


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