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How have Jake and Cohn changed by the end of the novel?

By the end of the novel, Jake's world has mostly fallen apart.

The literature of this time was mostly a mirror as to what was actually happening and what people were feeling. Scott Fitzgerald, John Dos Passos and Ernest Hemingway.

According to Irving Howe, “Of all the writers who began to print after the First World War, Hemingway seems best to have captured the tone of human malaise in an era of war and revolution; yet it is noteworthy that, while doing so, he rarely attempted a frontal or sustained representation of life in the United States, for he seems always to have understood that common experience was not within his reach.” Ernest Hemingway was one of the most influential writers of this period.

Further, the novel offers a compelling plot that will keep students intrigued as they learn more about how the different characters intertwine with one another.

As students read this work, you might want to encourage deeper thinking by having them write essays pertaining to the novel.

He might know that the greatness of men like Romero offers some hope, but he must also realize that he is not in any way responsible for that greatness, and has even compromised his respect for it through allowing Brett to run away with Romero.

If there is hope in Romero, it is not because of anything that Jake has done.

Literature in this period had a sense of disillusionment and loss of faith in the American Dream.

Because of the war, this generation had given up on the idea of hope, and therefore was careless about American values eventually ending up “lost.” The novels written by writers of this time period give us authentic insight as to what was happening during this time.


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