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Every person meets such moments in life when he is under stress or anxiety.

In fact, the state of anxiety helps a person cope with external threats, forcing the brain to work intensively and giving the body a state of readiness for action.

Anxiety disorders are regarded as chronic diseases that can progress without treatment.

Currently, there are effective methods for their treatment.

Two major signs of stress and anxiety are uncontrollable anxiety and worry.

Symptoms also include muscle tension, fatigue, irritability, restlessness, insomnia or sleep disorders, difficulty in concentrating.Under stress, the body produces the hormone adrenaline, the main function of which is to force the body to survive.Stress is a normal part of human life and it is necessary in certain amounts.If the amount of these challenges and complex problems becomes very large, then the person loses the ability to cope with these tasks.Anxiety is a state of mind and body, associated with worries, tension and nervousness.When something changes dramatically for the better, the body also reacts to this with a stress.Stressful conditions significantly affect the activities of man. Its decoction helps to cope with headache, insomnia, has a calming effect.One of the most common causes of stress is the contradiction between reality and perceptions of man.Stress response is equally easy to be caused by real events, and ones that exist only in our imagination.Under stress, a person can usually control his emotions, analyze the situation, and make appropriate decisions.There are various kinds of stress depending on the stress factor, including physiological and psychological.


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