Essay Reflections English Class

Essay Reflections English Class-21
During the first three weeks of class, I concentrated on the readings and exercises that were assigned. Reflecting on English 111 My experience into English 111 not only left me anxious, it became a self-revelation.On top of this course, I have been taking five other classes and have been very involved in other activities.

I think this helped me focus, and decide how I was going to improve each paper I wrote.

This gave me a solid list of what was needed to write the paper.

I thought graduating from high school was sufficient.

I realized that my lack of education was not going to help support my family. I attended a technical college and received a certificate in computer accounting.

Now, before I submit any paper I review it multiple times to fix any problems that I can.

One thing that this essay taught me was the importance and benefits of having multiple drafts in the writing process.

Unformatted text preview: English subject is one of the major subjects and for me, is also one of the difficult subjects.

This subject has a lot of subtopics that we need to study as long as we finish in elementary to college.

This gave me the experience in accounting that helped me get my foot in the door.

While working in the accounting field, I discovered quickly that I needed a bachelor’s degree.


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