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yes, he agreed with slavery because in his speech of 1820 he backed up slavery saying "Have the Northern states any idea of the value of our slaves?

At least, sir, six hundred millions of dollars." Charles Cotesworth Pinckney was an agricultural man from South Carolina who owned lots of land where he grew cotton and he owned slaves to help him with the crop.

So the framers of the constitution just said that nothing would be done about it for they pushed it safely in to the future so that somebody else would…

In order to satisfy the southern slave holding states on the issue of determining population for representation in the National Government.

While the concept of slavery was repugnant to many delegates, remaining under the tryannical thumb of England was even worse. Although the word "slave" nowhere appears in the Constitution prior to the 13th amendment, the original text implicitly acknowledged and protected the existence of the institution.

Unfortunately, had slavery been a topic to be addressed at the end of 100 years, our entire history would have been completely different. A clear distinction was made between free persons and "other persons" or "persons held to labor".

Ben Franklin owned a few but freed them and then started the Philadelphia Anti Slavery Society. During the beginning of the conflict, Lincoln was still trying to find anyway to keep the Union together.

Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, John Adams, Sam Adams and Thomas Paine did not own slaves and several of them were abolitionists, a few creating a school for black freedmen in New York. He was advised by his Secretary of State to make this move without a major victory would have seemed to the outside world like the North was begging for help. Lincoln did not free the slaves until after the Army of Virginia was…

Abolitionism was a movement to do away with slavery, notably in the US from 1800 to 1863.

Actual slavery in the US was outlawed by the 13th Amendment in 1865.


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