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Scientists estimate that there are hundreds of thousands of fungus species on Earth.At one time, it was thought that fungi were simply primitive versions of plants.However, further discoveries led to the realization that fungi were different enough to belong to their very own kingdom.

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Some of the more common fungi that you are likely to see or use everyday are described below.

Ringworm is a common skin infection that is caused by a fungus.

Mushrooms are found in nature, while wine and beer are clearly beverages processed by humans.

As for rotting organisms, those typically aren't of much interest to most people.

However, all of these examples have a common thread: the kingdom Fungi.

The kingdom Fungi includes a tremendous variety of organisms that are neither plant nor animal.

One day, you have a container of ripe, plump strawberries.

After they sit out for several days, you notice the white fuzz of mold begin to appear.

This is because it is actually made up of a mass of very tightly packed hyphae, and thus, is not exactly solid.

All fungi are heterotrophic, meaning that they cannot make their own food like plants.


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