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She must put away her colorful dresses brought from Barbados and wear the drab colors that are standard in Wethersfield.Before coming to America, she swam in the warm Caribbean waters; now she finds that swimming in New England is suspect and that the waters are as chilling as the society.Judith then decides to go for John, a very caring young man who secretly likes Mercy. Soon, Kit is comfortable with her new family and finds a whole new world of work awaiting her, after living with a slave for 16 years.

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I used selected pages from a publisher’s free PDF study guide (click here to download it) to introduce the novel and its author, Elizabeth George Speare, but I mainly use my own study guide. Even if you don’t use it, it will give you an idea of the kinds of things you can discuss with your children when they read books independently or when you read them aloud.

The questions are not all mere recall because I want my students to think about the deeper themes and issues in the book, as well as the excellent descriptive language that the author employs.

In The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Speare creates strong and memorable fictional characters who interact with actual historical personages.

The result is a vivid portrait of life in Puritan New England.

Please note that these questions do not cover everything in the chapters.

Essay Question For The Witch Of Blackbird Pond Level Up Maths Homework Book Answers

Besides this book, they also have writing, grammar, and other assignments for my class, so I don’t want to give them too many questions.

Wethersfield, the cold Puritan society of Connecticut, where religion rules everything from parties and husking bees to courting.

Kit sees constant reminders—"a pillory, a whipping post and stocks"—of the oppressiveness of Puritan New England.

She desperately travels there on a ship called the Dolphin, where she meets a gentleman named Nat.

She and Nat have a very playful relationship, Nat always has a mocking grin on his face and Kit occasionally flirts with him on the boat.


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