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Some media outlets, editors and journalists who interview you will want you to be one or the other, not both. Remember: I'm a former law professor, an attorney and a legal expert in addition to being a survivor. We're pressured to share our stories, especially right now in our era of #Me Too. Whether you are writing about sexual assault as a survivor or not, you are going to catch trolls. Instead, build in time to recover from writing about hard things. Then, when the piece went live, I needed days again. If you have to keep working on your regular job on those days, build in more breaks, and don't schedule anything hard.

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After I published the piece, I suddenly had a voice in the campus rape movement.

Then, I wrote a second piece—on how student medical records are not adequately protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act—that also gained attention. Suddenly, I was in the spotlight while I wanted to hide in a closet.

A collection of 24 of Bettelheim's most important essays, this book investigates the theme of survival in our age, taking as its subjects survivors, including himself, of Nazi concentration camps.

As the author repeatedly stresses, this is a singular, if controversial, response to the Holocaust.

The Children of the Dream (1969) describes with considerable enthusiasm the absence of neurosis in children brought up on kibbutzim in Israel in groups of other children and cared for by adults who are not their parents.

Bettelheim believes that American ghetto children would benefit from this kind of experience in preference to the at best partial help of present programs designed to accelerate educational progress for the deprived.

Essays on survival can be written from many angles, but no matter which angle he or she takes, the writer should identify the elements needed to survive the situation that is being examined.

Use the body paragraphs to support your thesis statement.

Bruno Bettelheim had remarkable success in treating deeply emotionally disturbed children. Austrian-born, Bettelheim came to the United States in 1939.

A pupil of Sigmund Freud, he was a vehement opponent of the operant conditioning methods of B. Profoundly influenced by the year he spent in a German concentration camp during World War II, he reflects in his writings his sensitivity and knowledge of the fear and anxiety induced under such conditions.


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