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That amounts to the biggest gap between youth and adult unemployment rates since 1977.

Once this work ends, many find themselves unemployed and disadvantaged in the job search.

However, some youth are entering work on a part-time basis during tertiary education.

This definition remains controversial as it not only impacts unemployment statistics but also plays an important role in the targeted solutions designed by policy makers in the world. First, defining the age range of youth is not as obvious as it seems.

Two theoretical perspectives have dominated this debate.

to reduce dependency on government assistance and redirect funding to targeted programs for increased learning and training opportunities.

The individual experiences of youth unemployment vary from country to country.

Whether or not these internship positions are now violating the federal rules that are in place to govern programs such as internships remains to be seen.

The internship however, seems to be the only viable alternative to job placement for the young individual.

Beyond the necessity to ensure its access to all, education is not adequately tailored to the needs of the labour market, which in turns leads to two consequences: the inability for young people to find jobs and the inability for employers to hire the skills they need.

Combined with the economic crisis and the lack of sufficient job creation in many countries, it has resulted in high unemployment rates around the world and the development of a skills crisis.


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